Database Versions
Oracle Database 18c Release 1 Enterprise Edition.
Fast query performance with zero effort.


A fully managed data warehouse cloud service. Network configuration, storage, database patching & upgrade and more are taken care of for you. No customer DBA required.
Always runs the latest security patches. Data at rest is encrypted by default using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). Database clients use SSL/TLS 1.2 encrypted and mutually authenticated connections.
Automated protection from downtime. High-availability is built into every component, and backups are completely automated.

Data Access

Business Analytics and Reporting Tools
Connect your existing Oracle/3rd party BI and reporting tools-or use Oracle's Business Analytics Cloud. Plus, Autonomous Data Warehouse provides built-in web-based notebook, Oracle ML, for rapid development of web reports that look beautiful in desktop and mobile browsers.
Administrative Tools
Management of the Autonomous Data Warehouse is via an easy to use browser-based service console.
Developer Tools
Use Oracle SQL Developer to design and build your data warehouse in the cloud. Or connect your existing Oracle/3rd party data integration and development tools.
Any Database Tool
Work directly with your data by connecting via any of the available Oracle client language libraries including Oracle Net (SQL*Net), JDBC and other drivers.
Supports relational workloads as well as JSON Documents, Graphs and more.


Fully Elastic Resources
Specify the exact amount of compute and storage required for your warehouse.
Scale on demand
Raise or lower compute or storage resources at any time–with zero downtime.
Manage Your Costs
You can even switch off your compute resources when the data warehouse is not being used.
Call us now
1-800-633-0738 (United States)

Call us now
1-800-633-0738 (United States)

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