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Oracle Java Cloud Service Data Sheet

Oracle Java Cloud Service offers a complete solution for building and deploying enterprise Java applications in the Cloud. It provides each tenant accessing to the dedicated WebLogic cluster(s) built with the industry's best application server--Oracle WebLogic Server--running on top of Oracle Public Cloud's Infrastructure. Oracle Java Cloud Service provides multiple options for WebLogic cluster size, compute instance size and shape, value-added services, and licensing options.


Oracle Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension Data Sheet

Oracle Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension offers a complete platform for building and deploying extension and customizations to your Oracle Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud. It provides a Java-based platform with built-in integration with SaaS services. With this platform, you can build mobile front-ends, mashups, and integrations between on-premises and your cloud SaaS services quickly and easily.


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