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Global Human Resources
Oracle Human Capital Management

Global processes, interactive organizational charts, collaborative tools, predictive analytics, and productive self-service are natively delivered out-of-the-box to enable a rapid deployment of critical HR functionality.

Oracle Global Payroll and Global Payroll Interface

An integral part of the Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) solution, Oracle Fusion Payroll solutions address the myriad requirements needed to operate in today’s global economy. Fusion Global Payroll accommodates the most simple and most complex payroll needs.

Oracle Global Benefits Management

Oracle Global Benefits is a completely configurable and flexible global product that enables organizations to successfully continue to evolve and adapt to the unique needs of their workforce and is an integral part of any total compensation package.

Oracle Performance Management

Oracle Performance Management fully automates the performance process and provides executives, managers, and employees with valuable and immediate insight to workforce performance progression and its alignment with organizational objectives.

Oracle Goal Management

Oracle Goal Management provides organizations a best-in-class solution to track and manage organizational and individual goals and closely align them with the overall talent management process.

Oracle Talent Review and Succession Management

Oracle Talent Review and Succession Management enables executives and HR professionals to assess talent, evaluate macro-organizational trends, identify and mitigate talent risk, develop a leadership pipeline, and review individual talent details such as potential and risk of loss.

Oracle Workforce Compensation

Oracle Workforce Compensation delivers the ability to create both straightforward or complex and highly differentiated pay programs while providing simplified decision-making and consistent messaging to your workforce. You can model an unlimited number of plans to create true differentiation and tailor reward designs to your complex and ever-changing requirements.

Oracle Workforce Predictions

Oracle Fusion Workforce Predictions uses indicators, current and historical, to predict performance and attrition, determine corrective action through "what if" scenario modeling, and provide the ability to implement that corrective action. For example, a top performer might be predicted to have a high likelihood of attrition or become a poor performer because of too many hours worked while not taking enough vacation time and the last pay increase given was lower than what their peers received.

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence

Analytics are embedded throughout the system and linked directly to transactions and decision points. Each screen lets you clearly see the other pieces of relevant information you might need to maximize your productivity.

Oracle Workforce Reputation Management
Oracle Fusion Workforce Reputation Management harnesses social networks to help organizations  discover, mobilize and retain talent by providing insight into employee’s social reputation and influence while also helping organizations monitor employee social media policy compliance and mitigate social media risk.
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