Database Backup

Storage for All Your Oracle Database Backup Needs.

A reliable and scalable object storage solution for storing and accessing your ever-growing Oracle Database backup data.


Enterprise-grade data protection and privacy policies.


Capacity on demand to eliminate storage hardware planning.


Redundancy policies to ensure that your data is highly available.


Transparent backup management using RMAN for seamless backup and restore operations.

Capacity on Demand

Storage capacity added with the click of a button

End-to-End Security

Backups encrypted at the source and securely transferred and stored in the cloud

Privacy Aware

Stored data always kept in designated geographic regions

Data Protection
Built-in Redundancy

Data protection built in with three-way mirroring so your data is always available

Easy Encryption

Backups easily encrypted using RMAN


Data actively monitored for degradation

Cost-Effective Compression

Backups compressed before they’re sent to the cloud

Data Management
Granular Access Control

Access control enforced to control who has read/write access to your data

Data Expiration

Automatically expire data that’s no longer needed

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