Universal Credit Services

Pay As You Go (Hosted Environment Per Hour)
Monthly Flex (Hosted Environment Per Hour)
Part Number
Database Processor Maximum
Database Storage Maximum
Database Memory Maximum
Data Transfer Maximum
Exadata Express X20
B88408 1 OCPU 20GB 3.5GB PGA, 4GB SGA 120GB/month
Exadata Express X250
B88409 1 OCPU 250GB 3.5GB PGA, 4GB SGA 1500GB/month
Exadata Express X500
B88410 2 OCPU 500GB 7.5GB PGA, 7.5GB SGA 3000GB/month
Exadata Express X1000
B88411 4 OCPU 1000GB 15GB PGA, 15GB SGA 6000GB/month
Exadata Express X1000IM
B88412 4 OCPU 1000GB 15GB PGA, 15GB SGA, 10GB RAM for use with Database In-Memory Column Store 6000GB/month
Each Exadata Express account provides 1 managed Pluggable Database (PDB) of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, plus relevant options, running on Exadata in Oracle Cloud. Oracle Database client tools and drivers can connect to the cloud PDB via Oracle Net (SQL*Net). The service also includes data access using Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) and Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA) as well as rapid web application development using pre-configured Oracle Application Express (APEX). Note the X1000IM shape includes an additional 10GB of RAM for use with Oracle Database In-Memory Column Store.
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Call us now
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