Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer

Exadata Cloud at Customer uniquely combines the world's #1 database technology and Exadata, the most powerful database platform, with the simplicity, agility and elasticity of a cloud-based deployment. It is identical to Oracle's Exadata Cloud Service, but located in customers' own datacenters and managed by Oracle Cloud experts, thus enabling a consistent Exadata cloud experience for customers – whether on-premises, or in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure datacenters.

Key Features

Exadata Cloud at Customer Exadata delivers extreme performance for all types of database workloads including Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Data Warehousing (DW), In-Memory Analytics and mixed workloads.
Built in, out of the box security at multiple levels ensures that your service and data are safe from the start.
Exadata Cloud at Customer supports features available only in Oracle Cloud such as RAC for highly available databases and Active Data Guard for a true disaster recovery solution.
Oracle experts maintain the Exadata infrastructure while cloud features allow customers to patch, backup and scale their service with the click of a button.
Create multiple dedicated database instances with Oracle Database 11g, 12c, or 18c, with a wide range of features, including the multitenant option for managing pluggable databases and in-memory database for hyper fast analytics.


Scale to 368 cores and 8 nodes with up to 5.7 TB of RAM, over 300 TB of NVMe Flash Cache and 340 TB of Database Storage Available.
Database Edition
Exadata Cloud at Customer can choose the Exadata Cloud at Customer Enterprise Edition Extreme Performance Included subscription model, which enables every Oracle Database feature and option, ensuring highest performance and best availability.
Engineered Systems
Over a decade of Exadata innovations are available such as query offloading, intelligent flash cache and Hybrid Columnar Compression which make Exadata Cloud at Customer the best platform for your Oracle workloads while maintaining control over your data.


Database Security
Databases created with the Exadata Cloud at Customer are encrypted by default from the start as well as all database communications.
Network Security
Exadata Cloud at Customer Network Security is implemented with isolated networks, and each network is equipped with additional security measures to secure critical data processing tasks.
Infrastructure Security
Exadata Cloud at Customer Infrastructure Security protects the physical servers and components. For example, virtual machines provide secure isolation between customer domain and Oracle Cloud Operations.


Exadata Cloud at Customer supports Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) for improved availability.
Complete Redundancy
Exadata Cloud at Customer systems have completely redundant hardware components.


Automatic Backups
Exadata Cloud at Customer provides automatic built-in database backup facilities. Backups can be stored on local disk backups on the Fast Recovery Area (FRA) provisioned directly on the Exadata system, on the Oracle Cloud at Customer Object Storage service, or to a Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance. Customers can also use RMAN directly to provision database backups.
Database and OS updates are staged and available on release. Customers can apply them on their preferred schedule. Underlying infrastructure for Exadata Cloud at Customer, including Exadata InfiniBand network, physical servers, hypervisors, Exadata Storage Servers, and Exadata System Software, is maintained and managed by Oracle Cloud Operations.
Easy Deployment
Use the cloud console to quickly and easily deploy databases on the service.


Database Versions
Choose from database versions,, or 18c.
Mixed Workloads
Create multiple databases and database versions on the Exadata Cloud at Customer and utilize built in features to accommodate mixed workloads.
Online dynamic scaling of OCPU resources is available in every Exadata Cloud at Customer shape; pay only for the OCPUs used thus dramatically reducing costs.
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Call us now
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