Oracle Database Cloud Service Customer Successes

Discover how Oracle Database Cloud Service provides unique solutions to our customers:
“With Oracle Database Cloud Service we have the agility to stand up Oracle Database instances in a virtual machine—or a complete development environment—with just a few clicks, helping to increase our competitiveness and improve customer satisfaction.”
Paul Wang
“With our Oracle Cloud solution, we have been astounded at how fast and effectively we can get to market and that is a huge differentiator that helps us deliver ROI to our customers. Oracle’s multitenant and advanced analytics capabilities are enabling us to provide breakthrough solutions, and allow us to capitalize on business opportunities that can create new revenue streams. This was not possible with our prior solution.”
Ray Owens
DX Marketing
“The cloud is really about doing what we have always been doing, but doing it better, more professionally, and faster than we ever could before.”
Adam Kanzmeier
Surdell and Partners
“It’s really speed that’s driving the cloud decision,” says Michael Ottoman, chief operating officer for mFrontiers, whose IoT and mobile development platform, mFinity, runs on Oracle’s cloud stack, including Oracle Database and some integration and storage services.”
Michael Ottoman
“With Oracle Database Cloud Service, we get greater value at a lower price point than with any another cloud vendor. I receive the best technology in the world, managed in an automated deployment platform that allows me to focus on my core business instead of on managing IT infrastructure.”
Ron Hardman
"It is a significant asset for us to tell customers that our entire application is run on Oracle Database Cloud Service. We first show them how our application delivers customer intelligence for their businesses, and then explain that, with Oracle technology behind the service, they can adopt it flexibly and with full confidence in its scalability, security, and high availability.”
Peter Mulligan
Cofounder and Director of Sales and Marketing
Demand Analysis Ltd.
"We chose Oracle Database Cloud Service to help maximize business productivity and acquire knowledge of innovative cloud solutions. Oracle Database Cloud Service proved to be a perfect fit for us due to its cost-effectiveness, high performance, high availability, and top security for hosting sensitive customer data.”
Alexander Weber
General Manager
endlich IT & Projekt Service OHG

Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service Customer Successes

Discover how Exadata Express provides unique solutions to our customers:
"In addition to catalogs, AS ONE’s sales channels expanded to e-commerce. As the number of products to be handled continues to increase, Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service helped realize a mechanism to link inventory information to external sites with REST API in a short period of time. After publishing the API to dealers in the short term, data can be obtained automatically in real time.”
Mr. Tomohiro Fukuda
General Manager, IT Department
AS ONE Corporation, Japan
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