What is Oracle Database Backup Service?

Oracle Database Backup Service is a secure, scalable, on-demand solution for storing Oracle Database backups in Oracle Cloud.

How does Oracle Database Backup Service work?

Oracle databases are backed up to Oracle Database Backup Service using the Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module. The module is available from Oracle Technology Network (OTN) and is tightly integrated with Recovery Manager (RMAN), so you can continue to use familiar RMAN commands for backup and restore operations.

Which database versions and operating systems are supported?

Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10.2) and later can be backed up to Oracle Database Backup Service. The Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module can be installed on 64-bit Linux, Solaris, SPARC, HP-UX, AIX, zLinux, and Windows operating systems.

How do I get the Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module?

How does Oracle Database Backup Service protect my data?

Data stored using Oracle Database Backup Service is automatically replicated to three separate physical machines in the same data center. This triple mirroring prevents data loss in the event of hardware failure.

How can I encrypt my data when I use Oracle Database Backup Service?

Use RMAN to encrypt your backup before it’s sent to Oracle Cloud. Keys are kept locally at your site, not in the cloud. Encrypted backups are securely transferred and stored in the cloud.

How much backup data can I store?

When you subscribe to Oracle Database Backup Service, you’ll purchase the amount of storage capacity that you want. This storage capacity limit cannot be exceeded, but you can quickly increase the limit by purchasing more capacity on demand.

How do I know how much capacity I've used?

You can access detailed metrics from the My Services dashboard. Click the service name to display the details page for the service, and then click the Metrics tile to see usage data.

How do I maintain or delete old backups from the cloud?

RMAN is the primary interface for this. You can specify retention policies, perform cross-checks, and delete backups using standard RMAN commands.

Does Oracle Database Backup Service support Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) backups?

Yes, HCC backups are supported and the backups remain compressed at rest in Oracle Cloud.

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