Your Oracle Database in the Cloud.

Oracle Database Cloud Services gives you the power and flexibility of the Oracle Database in the cloud. You choose whether you want a dedicated database instance with direct network connections and full administrative control, or a dedicated schema with a full development and deployment platform managed by Oracle.


Your Oracle Database is rapidly provisioned and ready for action in minutes.


Take advantage of a variety of management options, from self-managed to fully managed by Oracle.


Spin up Oracle Database instances in a virtual machine—or a complete development environment—with just a few clicks.


Database version, management options, access methods? You get to choose.

Database Offerings

Oracle Cloud provides several Oracle Database offerings. Choose between a single schema-based service, or a virtual machine with a fully configured, running Oracle Database instance.
Database Schema Service
  • 1 Schema on Oracle Database 11g
  • Choice of 5, 20, and 50GB database storage
  • Oracle Application Express (APEX)
  • Data access using RESTful Web Services
  • No SQL*Net access
  • Fully managed by Oracle - no DBA necessary
Virtual Image
  • Dedicated virtual machine for running an Oracle Database instance - Choose either Oracle Database 11g or 12c
  • Pre-installed database software - You create database instances manually or using DBCA
  • Full SQL*Net access
  • Full administrative root OS and SYSDBA access for you to manage your database
Database as a Service
  • Dedicated virtual machine for running an Oracle Database instance - Choose either Oracle Database 11g or 12c
  • Pre-installed database software - Use a wizard to create a Database with pre-defined configuration options
  • Full SQL*Net access
  • Full administrative root OS and SYSDBA access for you to manage your database
  • New cloud tooling for simpler management, including one-click automated backup with point-in-time recovery and one-click patching and upgrades
Future Direction
Database as a Service - Managed
  • Essential management by Oracle
  • Complete access to dedicated Oracle Database instance
  • Full SQL*Net access
  • Oracle managed backup with point-in-time recovery
  • Oracle managed patching and upgrades

Database as a Service & Virtual Image

Oracle offers general purpose and high memory compute shapes to provide the full power of the Oracle Database in the cloud for any type of application. You can use all standard network connections and have administrative control.
Database Versions

Dedicated database instances with Oracle Database 11g or 12c, with your choice of Standard Edition One, Enterprise Edition (no Database Options included), Enterprise Edition High Performance (includes most Database Options), or Enterprise Edition Extreme Performance (includes all Database Options)

Cloud Database

Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition includes Oracle Multitenant, the new option for managing Pluggable Databases in the cloud

Data Access
Administrative Access

Administrative access via SSH, SQL Developer, Data Pump, SQL*Plus and other tools

Standard Network Access

Use any type of network connectivity, including SQL*Net, JDBC, JSON, and other drivers to access your dedicated instances


Use Enterprise Manager, SQL Developer, Application Express, or other Oracle or third party tools

Management Options

Fully manage your database, or have Oracle manage standard database operations—such as backup, patching and upgrade—for you (Future direction)


Use the Compute Service's security rules and lists for flexible, enterprise-level security

Elastic Resources

Add or remove compute resources, memory or storage as needed

Lifecycle Management

Flexible control of databases for production, plus simple storage management on virtual machine instances

Database Schema Service

Database Schema Service provides three storage levels (in GB): Database S5, S20, and S50. These offerings provide a development environment for Application Express and RESTful Web Services.
Schema-based Isolation

Each service gets a dedicated database schema


Use SQL and PL/SQL to expand and extend your cloud applications

Data Access
Applications in the Cloud

Access Oracle Database schema from Application Express or Java in the Java Cloud Service

RESTful Web Services

Applications outside Oracle Cloud use RESTful Web Services for access over HTTPS (For access via SQL*Net, use Database as a Service)

Fully Managed Offering

All database management tasks are handled by Oracle

Complete Environment

Includes full development tooling and deployment capabilities via Application Express


Choose between three storage levels; all other resources expand to meet your needs

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