Your Oracle Database in the Cloud

Enterprise-proven database cloud service that supports any size workload from dev/test to large scale production deployment. Multi-layered, in depth security with encryption by default. A highly available and scalable service delivering speed, simplicity and flexibility for faster time to value and savings.


Oracle Database in highly available and scalable configurations rapidly provisioned and ready for use in minutes.


Oracle Database with administration fully managed by Oracle or under your control with one-click built in automation. Supports modern agile development with RESTful APIs for quick, automated and repeatable use.


Add capacity on-demand and scale OLTP and Data Warehouse workloads as your business grows from startup to the largest enterprise.


Shared, dedicated, virtualized, bare metal (coming soon) and engineered deployment targets to optimize cost in a pay per need model.


Security on Oracle Cloud protects the entire lifecycle of data both in transit and at rest. Database access is monitored and recorded for audit and control at all times.

Database Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud provides several Oracle Cloud Service deployment choices. These choices allow you to start at the cost and capability level suitable to your use case and then gives you the flexibility to adapt as your requirements change over time. Choices include: single schemas, dedicated pluggable databases, virtualized databases, bare metal databases and databases running on world class engineered infrastructure.

Oracle Database Cloud Service

Database Cloud Service offers elastic database services for application development, test and production deployment. The service delivers an easy to use web console user interface and RESTful API to provision and administer Oracle Database on Oracle Compute Cloud Offerings.
Database Cloud Service lets you choose pay-per-use hourly metered or subscription of Oracle 11g, 12.1 and 12.2 database services. Automated provision of high availability configurations to elevate your SLAs for maintenance or unexpected failure scenarios. Provisioning choices include pre-packaged bundles of Oracle database options for DevOps, Performance, Security, Analytics and Monitoring. The service comes with an integrated Oracle Application Express environment providing even more cloud benefit & simplicity.

Oracle Database Cloud Service – Bare Metal

Cloud Database Service on bare metal offers on-demand, pay-per-use database services with the performance of dedicated hardware and local NVMe storage, and the reliability of RAC, on a low latency, highly configurable, and secure Virtual Cloud Network.
The High I/O or Dense I/O configuration consists of a single Oracle 11g or 12c database instance on 2 OCPUs, with the ability to dynamically scale up to 36 OCPUs without downtime. Select one of four editions of Oracle Database Cloud Service – Standard, Enterprise Edition, Enterprise Edition High Performance, and Enterprise Edition Extreme Performance. The storage configuration for these shapes are: Bare Metal High I/O (12.8 TB NVMe SSD raw, ~3.5 TB with 2-way mirroring, ~2.3 TB with 3-way mirroring) and Bare Metal Dense I/O (28.8 TB NVMe SSD raw, ~9.4 TB with 2-way mirroring, ~5.4 TB with 3-way mirroring).
The 2-node RAC configuration consists of two Oracle 11g or 12c Enterprise Edition Extreme Performance database instances with local shared SSD Storage on 4 OCPUs (2 OCPUs per server). 2-node RAC scales dynamically up to 72 OCPUs without downtime. The storage configuration for 2-node RAC instance is 24 TB SSD raw, ~8.6 TB with 2-way mirroring, ~5.2 TB with 3-way mirroring.

Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service

The Exadata Cloud Service brings the full power of Exadata to the Oracle Cloud. The service includes all the benefits of Exadata performance and 100% compatibility with existing business-critical applications and databases that are on premise, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud.
The Oracle Exadata Cloud Service offers the largest most business-critical database workloads a place to run in Oracle Cloud. With all the infrastructure components including hardware, networking, storage, database and virtualization in place, access to secured, highly available and powerful performance is easily provisioned in a few clicks. Exadata Cloud Service is engineered to support OLTP, Data Warehouse / Real-Time Analytic and Mixed database workloads at any scale. With this service, you maintain control of your database while Oracle manages the hardware, storage and networking infrastructure letting you focus on growing your business.

Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Machine

Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Machine delivers the world’s most advanced database cloud to customers who require their databases to be located on-premises.
Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Machine delivers the world’s most advanced database cloud to customers who require their databases to be located on-premises. Exadata Cloud Machine uniquely combines the world’s #1 database technology and Exadata, the most powerful database platform, with the simplicity, agility and elasticity of a cloud-based deployment. It is identical to Oracle’s Exadata public cloud service, but located in customers’ own data centers and managed by Oracle Cloud Experts. Every Oracle Database and Exadata feature and option is included with the Exadata Cloud Machine subscription, ensuring highest performance, best availability, most effective security and simplest management. Databases deployed on Exadata Cloud Machine are 100% compatible with existing on-premises databases, or databases that are deployed in Oracle’s public cloud. Exadata Cloud Machine is ideal for customers desiring cloud benefits but who cannot move their databases to the public cloud due to sovereignty laws, industry regulations, corporate policies, or organizations that find it impractical to move databases away from other tightly coupled on-premises IT infrastructure.

Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service - Managed

Exadata Express provides your own Oracle Database Enterprise Edition running the latest database release on Exadata. It’s a fully managed service packed with features for modern application development.
Exadata Express provides a fully managed Oracle Database experience in the cloud at an attractive price. The service is provisioned within minutes. It provides up to 1TB of database storage. You get one Oracle Database Enterprise Edition plus options, running on Exadata engineered systems, with Oracle Net (SQL*Net) connectivity. Developer benefits include a standard SQL interface, RESTful Web Services, documents & collections interfaces, drivers for popular programming languages, integrated Application Express (APEX), and a range of client tools and IDEs.

Oracle Database Schema Cloud Service - Managed

Schema Service runs Application Express (APEX), giving customers a declarative development environment to rapidly create data-rich web apps.
Schema Service provides an Oracle Database schema running in Oracle Cloud, along with pre-configured APEX and RESTful Web Services. It is an ideal platform for creating and running APEX web apps. Customers looking for a complete Oracle Database experience in the cloud - including APEX, REST, database client access and more - should refer to Exadata Express Cloud service.

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