DaaS for Sales (Social Data & Insight)


Get Smart About Your Customers and Contacts

With Oracle DaaS for Sales, get a complete social picture of your customers and contacts, and take action based on up-to-date information and contextual insights


Solution includes third party, social, and transactional data


Automated data onboarding with seamless applications integration


Secure and scalable cloud service ready-to-use when you want

Customer Perception

Listen to what customers say about your products and services

Search and Import New Records
Import New Organizations and Contacts

Import by location, industries, job titles and organization size (sales volume and number of employees)

Enrich Existing Accounts and Contacts

Enrich accounts and contacts based on pre-mapped and configurable schema with Sales Cloud

View Social Profile and Insights

View account and contact social profiles and insights

Verify Addresses

Clean and verify account and contact addresses based on world-wide address and location data packs

Dun & Bradstreet Business Information

Gold-standard for business information made available for Oracle Applications Cloud

Rich, Curated Business Information

Access to more than 100 attributes, such as multiple tradestyle names of businesses and industry classifications, amongst others

Relationship Linkages

Curated, uniquely identifiable relationships such as competitors and organizational hierarchies

Sales Cloud Integration
Account Center

Access accounts and contacts data, and social insights, real-time in Account Center

Customer Data Management

Schedule high volume batch import and enrichment of accounts and contacts into the customer hub

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