DaaS for Customer Intelligence


DaaS for Customer Intelligence

Unleash insights not previously possible with unstructured data by extracting valuable signals from social and enterprise data to understand consumer needs

Data Ingestion

Collect & process social data and enterprise text

Value Extraction

Identify signals, intent, sentiment themes and topics

Commercial Rights

Manage compliance and data rights

Data Delivery

Semantic and data enrichment API's, value added data services

Data Accuracy

95% categorization accuracy

Filters and Theming

Providing granular filters and auto theming


DaaS for Customer Intelligence processes millions of messages daily

Hot Topics

Focused insight on only areas of interest

Key Indicators

Gain insights on precise aspects of conversation that matter to you

Sentiment Analysis

Understand sentiment behind messages

Language Identification

Determine language used in messages

New Insights
Unstructured & Structured Data

Enable both types of data to be analyzed

Complete View of Customer

Link social with existing data, creating a full customer view

Consistent Analysis

Apply common analysis across social and enterprise text

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