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Oracle Social Cloud is integrated with Oracle CX solutions like Eloqua, Responsys, Service, and more. Whether it's routing a social complaint to service, leveraging social insights for stronger marketing messages, or listening across social media for cues to better product development, Oracle Social Cloud can help you realize the power of social.
Social Touches Everything
Deliver the best customer experience wherever and whenever your customers engage with you on social channels. Oracle Social Cloud empowers your business to uncover better insights, engage at the speed of social, and measure your efforts along the way. Leverage the power of social media across your organization to drive real business results.
Listen to Your Customers' Opinions
Customers are constantly sharing their views about what they want and need, what they like and dislike, and what matters most to them. Companies that listen to their customers can offer better products, create more targeted messaging, and learn how to best engage with the right customers in the right place at the right time. With Oracle Social Cloud, you can uncover actionable insights from social and unstructured first-party data through proprietary three-tiered listening technology. Latent semantic analysis delivers easy refinement and auto-theming, while machine learning and natural language processing drives sentiment and top terms for business users.
Engage with Customers in Real Time
Successful engagement via social media means the ability to monitor and respond to high volumes of messages across many channels. Oracle Social Engagement platform empowers marketers to manage all of these activities through a visually inspired, easy-to-navigate interface. It's designed to provide marketers with more customization and greater flexibility, making you more efficient and effective regardless of departmental role or business function.
Prove Your Social ROI With Analytics
Modern marketers need to measure everything and demonstrate the impact marketing initiatives have on generating qualified sales leads and revenue. By analyzing rich social data such as customer sentiment, interests, and affinity, social marketers can catch customers at the right inflection of a buy cycle and influence them to engage with relevant products and services.
Stay Connected Globally
Social media has broken through regional, country, and cultural boundaries to reveal a globally connected world. For many businesses, their customers span the globe and are interacting across various social networks, in different languages, and from different locations. To succeed in today's global world, an organization's social solution has to listen, engage, and learn with no location or language barriers. Oracle Social Cloud delivers robust global capabilities, including localized UI available in over 36 languages and listening in over 28 languages—and continues to expand.

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