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Oracle Integration Cloud eliminates barriers between business applications through a combination of machine learning, embedded best-practice guidance, prebuilt integration, and process automation. Choosing from an array of options, you can integrate your applications with humans and robots, build visual interfaces, and get end-to-end monitoring.
Cloud Integration
Deliver integrations up to six times faster with prebuilt adapters for your SaaS and on-premises systems.
Web and Mobile App Development
Rapidly create and deploy engaging web and mobile apps directly from a browser using a visual development environment with built-in autonomous capabilities.
Process Automation
Go from idea to app in minutes—not months—with robotic process automation, adaptive case management, and best next-action recommendations. Limit training by embedding your digital innovations directly in SaaS applications and optimize end-to-end operations with real-time insights into business outcomes.
Standard APIs
Explore Oracle's collection of machine-readable Open API (formerly Swagger), representing some of Oracle's most popular SaaS and PaaS applications. Use these descriptions to generate code stubs and facilitate integration between your applications and others in the Oracle Public Cloud.

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