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Connect traditional CRM data and new, cross-channel data forms (such as behavioral, IoT and third-party data) to create a dynamic customer data profile.

Customer Data Management

Clean, complete, and enhanced customer data fuels your entire customer experience. Ensure marketing, sales, and service have access to a customer profile they can trust and act on.
Information Management
Create a coordinated 360-degree view of the customer across applications with profiles, relationships, classifications, source system references, hierarchies, links, and more.
Duplicate Resolution
Prevent, identify, and resolve duplicate data to ensure marketing, sales, and service are working effectively.
Hierarchy Management
Manage the hierarchy of your customers across business processes, capturing corporate structures as related headquarters, branches, subsidiaries, etc.
Data Enrichment
Help sales teams discover and reach prospects with Data as a Service's comprehensive, high-quality third-party data that includes millions of companies, contacts, and social media profiles.
Address Verification
Accelerate account creation by enriching, validating, and standardizing with real-time, high-quality company and address information.
Actionable Intelligence with Adaptive Intelligence
Ensure adaptive intelligent applications have a complete picture from which to deliver actionable insights with accurate customer data.

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DATA SHEET: Oracle Engagement Cloud Customer Data Management

Clean, consistent customer data is vital to organizations' success. Customer Data Management helps organizations consolidate, clean, complete, and coordinate data to and from multiple sources. It can also standardize addresses, resolve duplicate record issues, and ensure the best version customer profile that reps and managers can trust.
Learn more about how Oracle Engagement Cloud helps keep customer data clean and accurate so sales can use that trusted data to close more business, faster!

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