Oracle CX Platform

Businesses offering the best customer experiences tend to enjoy better revenue and improved loyalty. Take advantage of the most complete CX technology platform available to build a better customer experience today.


What is the Oracle CX Platform?

Part of the most complete set of customer experience solutions in the industry, Oracle's CX platform includes elements of Oracle PaaS as well as SaaS and advanced data solutions. Oracle helps businesses leverage all available data and deliver experiences that are individualized and connected across every brand touch point at the speed of business. With the Oracle CX platform, any business across any industry can build, extend, integrate, secure, and analyze all customer experience applications across all business functions including marketing, sales, service, and commerce.


CX Platform

Make use of all available data including owned first-party and third-party data to create dynamic customer data profiles for modern marketing campaigns.
Empower your business users and improve the customer experience leveraging intelligent insights powered by machine learning. Anticipate and predict customer behavior to optimize results at the speed of your customer.
Simplify IT complexity and connect data across every part of your business to improve operational efficiency and streamline digital transformation.
Develop, publish, and share content across internal and partner teams and leverage Oracle's innovative platform for B2B and B2C online businesses.
Rapidly build, deploy, and manage modern API- and mobile-first cloud applications using Oracle's open, standards-based platform.
Standards for data safeguarding will only increase. Provide secure access, monitor your cloud environment, and address today's and tomorrow's IT governance and compliance requirements.
Leverage existing, secure applications and services developed by Oracle partners to extend your CX capabilities.
Leverage the power of social media across your organization to drive real business results.
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