Traditional brick and mortar retailers are going through cataclysmic changes. Competition from etailers like, new subscription businesses which provide auto-replenishment, shifting shopper preferences, and generally higher costs of doing business are chomping away at revenue and margins. New technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), digital payments, and AI-powered bots are opening doors to new opportunities. Perfect available-to-promise/available-to-deliver/store pick-up commits are every retailer's aspiration to grow revenue, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.
Oracle CX Cloud helps retail companies take on etailer giants successfully and deliver innovative shopper experiences that grow brand loyalty and advocacy.
Give consumers a voice for your brand:
  • Get a single view of consumer sentiment and perception across all unstructured data
  • Analyze key trends associated with social influence to identify best impact
  • Use sentiment, natural language processing (NLP), and semantic analysis for better classification to distill signal from noise
Offer data-driven personalized experiences:
  • Leverage dynamic personalization of content and offers for known and unknown customers across all channels, featuring responsive design
  • Automatically adapt offers to digital and in-store behavior
  • Build shopper profiles based on content consumption and digital behavior
Acquire the digital shopper:
  • Understand key attributes for revenue-generating consumers
  • Use data management and consumer engagement platforms to target, engage, and convert unknown shoppers to known consumers
  • Exploit in-store technology to offer product knowledge and improve retail conversion
Build your brand champions:
  • Manage complex loyalty programs at scale to reward brand advocates
  • Drive consumer participation and amplify your brand with social capabilities
  • Create digital communities that empower peer-to-peer sharing
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