New business models from both innovative fintechs and industry incumbents are transforming the way insurance is sold and consumed. Usage- and behavior-based, on-demand insurance embedded with other products is becoming common. Emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables are being used for tracking performance and behaviors. Insurance carriers are rushing to become nimble operators and leverage new technologies to offer innovative solutions.
Oracle CX Cloud helps insurance companies provide innovations to accelerate your transformation.
Engage intelligently in the moment of consumer need with smart customer insights:
  • Connect digital IDs across people, equipment, devices, channels, and past interactions
  • Identify the most profitable customer segments and channels to target sales efforts
  • Mitigate risks by integrating IoT, digital wearables, and customer behaviors into processes
Empower the entire distribution network for perfect omnichannel execution:
  • Share business opportunities, register business cases, create quotes, collaborate in real time, and deliver great results
  • Improve performance, motivate behaviors, and mentor best practices
  • Eliminate errors, increase productivity, and execute faster
Automate processes from end to end and deliver great customer experiences:
  • Support integrated onboarding, underwriting, and claims management
  • Deploy a trusted master customer record to provide clean, consolidated, and complete information
  • Remove barriers between sales and service across the entire value chain
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Call us now
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