High Technology

High technology is leading the way in an era of transformation that sees a century's worth of progress crammed into every decade. Disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, and artificial intelligence (AI) are redefining what's possible and pressuring companies to innovate faster. Agile cloud startups have the same resources as larger enterprises and are capitalizing fast.
Today's customers expect simplified buying experiences and do most of their own research before engaging a salesperson. Influence needs to begin well before an official buying cycle starts. Customers are constantly connected, tapping multiple social networks and communities for peer recommendations that offer immediate feedback. Years of brand building can be destroyed by one careless act or by ignoring a series of complaints.
Oracle CX Cloud helps high tech companies innovate faster and meet skyrocketing customer expectations:
  • Deliver seamless, omnichannel experiences for direct sales and partners
  • Orchestrate orders across business systems
  • Support new PaaS and service-based revenue models
  • Provide complete turnkey offerings with order and project management orchestration across configured products and complex installation projects
  • Deliver proactive service with IoT-enabled digital field service
  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs
  • Increase revenue and improve service levels with AI-enabled intelligent case management and personalized offers
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Call us now
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