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Slow economic growth in large parts of the world combined with low interest rates and tighter regulations have reduced revenue growth and margins for corporate banks. In addition, nimble, digital native fintechs are disintermediating banks from their customers, further threatening customer loyalty and margins.
Corporate banks are seeing the opportunity to innovate by smartly leveraging all customer data, delivering deep insights to their relationship managers (RMs), and automating routine work to free up valuable selling time.
Oracle CX Cloud helps corporate banks innovate quickly to compete better with fintechs and maintain customer loyalty.
Move selling to the front office and equip relationship managers (RMs) for success:
  • Focus RMs on the right customers through the combination of all first- and third-party data and analytics
  • Help RMs execute deals faster with the right pricing based on artificial intelligence
  • Empower supporting specialists and back office with instant communication
Increase marketing and sales effectiveness with account-based marketing:
  • Arm RMs with deep insights and targeted content so they can have more meaningful engagement
  • Deploy accurate, flexible, and transparent lead scoring models
  • Collaborate effortlessly across sales and marketing to maximize revenue
Increase operational efficiency in complex organizational structures:
  • Automate processes securely across organizational boundaries to simplify work execution
  • Empower customers with omnichannel, AI-powered self-help to reduce RM burden and increase customer satisfaction
  • Streamline onboarding, automatically enforce business policies, and ensure auditability
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