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Detailed documentation on how to get started with Oracle CPQ Cloud including getting started materials, tutorials, infrastructure product documentation, additional demonstrations, and videos.



CPQ Cloud - ATG Commerce Integration

Integration between CPQ and Oracle Commerce enables a direct sales cycle inside of a self-service solution. A customer can build their cart then send it via integration to a direct sales user for approvals and/or discounting. Once the direct sales cycle is complete, the quote is sent back to the customer to approve and initiate fulfillment.

CPQ Cloud - E-Business Suite Integration

Integration between CPQ and EBS allows sales users to create orders containing simple or configured products and send them to EBS for fulfillment. The reference integration includes: creating, changing, and cancelling orders, looking up customer records, checking inventory levels, and reserving materials in EBS.

CPQ Cloud - Financial Order Management Integration

Integration between CPQ and Fusion Order Management enables the ability to create invoices based off of CPQ orders via the Fusion Order Processing framework. Invoices are created in Fusion Financials and passed back to CPQ via Fusion Order Management.

CPQ Cloud - Accounts Receivable Integration

Integration between CPQ and Fusion Financials Receivables creates a seamless flow from quote to cash. Quotes created and converted to orders in CPQ are sent to Financials for invoicing. These orders can include both onetime and recurring revenue items. The reference integration includes customer account lookup and credit check prior to creating an invoice.
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