CPQ Cloud (Configure, Price, and Quote)


Configuration ensures that quotes created include the appropriate product mix for both business requirements and customer needs, removing the burden on sales staff to manually address product complexities such as knowing if part B is compatible with parts A or C. The system guides the sales process based on established rules. The built-in CPQ intelligence liberates sales reps to spend less time on internal challenges and more time focusing on customer needs, allowing them to effectively create accurate and functional configurations in seconds, not days.

Guided Selling

Help all reps sell like the best of them. Reduce training requirements by providing effective steps to help identify customer needs and provide relevant product offers.

Intuitive Configuration

Sell confidently and quickly; every configured offer is 100% accurate and validated.
Use preconfigured or customized models to allow a sales rep to start with a common product model for one-click quoting, or as the basis for further customizations or additional options.
Reduce the number of deals that require product engineering collaboration and the sales bottlenecks that frequently result.
Easy to Use
Make business a pleasure with reusable rules and easy-to-understand screens that encourage channel sales and customer self service. Build your brand with sales reps, partners, and customers.

Any Device

Enable collaborative side-by-side selling in the field. Interact with customers where they are and on their level. Let your customer help configure the solution in real time, reducing back-and-forth iterations.

Subscription Ordering

Easily configure and manage subscription annuities, software license contracts, support agreements, and renewals including end dates and prorated pricing.
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