CPQ Cloud (Configure, Price, and Quote)

Increase Sales Efficiency with CPQ Cloud

Help your sales teams, channels, and ecommerce sites sell faster, more easily, and more accurately, anywhere, and on any device.

Close Deals Faster

Respond to customer inquiries faster, shorten sales cycle times, reduce back-and-forth iterations.

Improve Customer Experience

Deliver superior and consistent customer experience through all channels.

Increase Sales

Use guided selling and product configurations to increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Eliminate Waste and Maximize Margins

Ensure 100% accuracy across all quotes and orders.


Take Customer Experience into the Digital Future
See how your business can benefit from a digital transformation and take advantage of a free innovation session with the Oracle CX team.
PCCW Media Automates Processes with CPQ Cloud
After adopting the CPQ Cloud solution, PCCW Media increased their sales productivity by 20%. The automated processes helped improve sales efficiency and helped deliver the right packages to their customers.
How Oracle Created a Much Better Cloud Buying Experience
When Oracle set out to create a fast, simple way for companies to buy its cloud services, it did so by first focusing on the success of the customer and then transforming its internal operations to offer the best procurement experience in the cloud.
Oracle Cloud Day
The future runs on cloud. But what's the best path to get there? Find out at Oracle Cloud Day.
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Call us now
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