CPQ Cloud (Configure, Price, and Quote)

Increase Sales Efficiency with CPQ Cloud

Help your sales teams, channels, and ecommerce sites sell faster, more easily, and more accurately, anywhere, and on any device.

Close Deals Faster

Respond to customer inquiries faster, shorten sales cycle times, reduce back-and-forth iterations.

Improve Customer Experience

Deliver superior and consistent customer experience through all channels.

Increase Sales

Use guided selling and product configurations to increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Eliminate Waste and Maximize Margins

Ensure 100% accuracy across all quotes and orders.


Modern Customer Experience 2019
Be legendary together and join Oracle's Modern Customer Experience 2019 event to connect with legends across marketing, service, sales, and commerce.
What CPQ Can Really Do For You—No. 5: Guided Selling
One of the oft touted features of CPQ is guided selling: a series of easily understandable questions about a customer's needs to the salesperson who is trying to configure a product or service.
What CPQ Can Really Do For You—No. 4: Error Free Orders
CPQ marketing materials often state that it can provide error-free orders. What does that really mean, and why should you care?
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