CPQ Cloud (Configure, Price, and Quote)

Increase Sales Efficiency with CPQ Cloud

Help your sales teams, channels, and ecommerce sites sell faster, more easily, and more accurately, anywhere, and on any device

Close Deals Faster

Respond to customer inquiries faster, shorten sales cycle times, reduce back-and-forth iterations

Improve Customer Experience

Deliver superior and consistent customer experience through all channels

Increase Sales

Use guided selling and product configurations to increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Eliminate Waste and Maximize Margins

Ensure 100% accuracy across all quotes and orders

Product Configuration

Configure complex or simple systems containing multiple products and services. Create bills-of-material (BOM) and routings based on configurator choices.

Guided Selling

Lead your users to the optimal products and options based on customer needs. Promote product upsells and cross-sells.

Rules-Driven Search

Present users with only those products that are appropriate to their region, business unit, or quoting scenario


Price complex products based on features and options. Ensure 100% quote and order price accuracy with automated pricing rules and validations.


Apply customer, channel, volume, and product-specific discounts. Enforce margin discipline on manual discounts.

Approvals Workflow

Route orders for review and approval. Ensure commercial viability and eliminate approval bottlenecks with automated workflow.

Proposal Management

Create, customize, and brand proposals for your sales reps and channel partners. Present professional, accurate documents to customers in seconds.


Eliminate paper-based quoting, faxing, and scanning. Enable customers to sign online and close the deal faster.

Order Execution

Generate orders in one click by converting quotes. Submit orders for execution real-time to your choice of the 20 most popular ERP systems.

CPQ for Midsize
Tailored CX Suite

An integral part of the CX Suite for Midsize, CPQ helps mid-size businesses optimize the lead-to-cash process and build better experiences for customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

Improve Sales Efficiency

Increase order sizes by improving cross-sell and upsell compliance. Eliminate product selection and pricing errors. Propel new sales reps to productivity faster.

Discover Insight

Accurate sales pipelines enable sales management to anticipate market changes, provide reporting guidance, and lead effectively.

Express CPQ for SFDC
Do-It-Yourself CPQ

Empower sales reps and channel sales with a tool that features the familiarity of the Salesforce.com platform. Quick to implement, easy to support and maintain.

Force.com Guided Selling

Ensure 100% accurate quotes and eliminate manual data entry errors. Guide users to optimal product selections.

Proposal Generator

Leverage customizable templates to produce professional, customer-ready quote documentation for sales reps, channel partners, and customers.


Track the products purchased by customers. Dramatically reduce the time required to create a renewal quote.

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