Content Collaboration

Share and Interact with Content
Collaborate with internal teams and external agencies using embedded conversations and drive discussions at files, folders or thread levels.
Contextual Social Conversations
Deliver social conversations in context of websites, discussions, files, folders, teams or projects.
Integration with Microsoft Office
Use seamlessly with productivity tools like Microsoft Office for embedding links within email, sharing directly from Microsoft Office files, and more.
Mobile Access
Mobile editing, annotations and content review and approvals.

Omni-Channel Content Management

Document Management
Content management of business documents, digital assets, editorial content and conversational content.
Digital Asset Management
Easily find and reuse assets across projects; metadata extraction and management for better findability.
Content Lifecycle
Content lifecycle, metadata management and workflow approval.
Content Analytics
API instrumentation of content analytics across multiple channels.

Experience Management

Visual Site Assembly
Visual creation of mobile-first web sites and rapid delivery of sites through templates.
Site Management
Create, collaborate, and manage sites with a one-stop shop for all enterprise sites.
Contextual Web Experiences
Consistent, contextual, relevant, and up-to-date content for seamless web experiences.
One-Click Publishing
Easily publish all of your content and sites with a single click.

Integration & Application Extensions

Content Integrations
Integrations with Oracle Process Cloud Service, Eloqua, SaaS and PaaS applications, and other third-parties.
Enrich Applications
Embed content into existing applications for context or extend application’s content in the cloud on sites and communities for easy and effective collaboration, access and engagement.
Data Integration
Integrate with Oracle Integration Cloud Services to existing back-end data; component SDK for data driven visual components.
Content Connectors
Channel agnostic content integration thru APIs and SDKs including connectors and SDKs to other content repositories such as Oracle WebCenter and third-parties.

Solutions for Business

Rapidly execute on marketing initiatives with collaborative digital asset management; build campaign sites, brand portals, and secure content exchanges.
Business to Business Collaboration
Collaborate more effectively with partners and suppliers with invoice tracking, RFP management, training, and onboarding sites.
Digital Workplace
Streamline employee processes and improve productivity with intranet and information sharing sites such as department onboarding, company events, training sites, and employee collaboration.
Enable sales organizations to drive more efficient collaboration to manage content and communications amongst sales teams and with customers.
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