Oracle Content and Experience Customer Successes

“Oracle Content and Experience delivers unmatched value when it comes to content collaboration. We can easily collaborate among the team and with our clients, and can now enable our service consultants on the go. The solution offers security and scalability that only an Oracle Cloud solution can provide, and is so easy to use that it requires little to no training for internal and external users."
Judd Robins
Executive Vice President, Consulting Services
TekStream Solutions, LLC
“We wanted to make sure that we had an enterprise grade solution but that it was also state of the art and cloud-ready cause our people expect cloud solutions. They expect solutions that they can use out of the box and don't need any learning. Oracle Content and Experience fits the bill."
Gustaf Löfberg
“Key to AFG is engagement with mortgage brokers and the brokers' customers and often documents is the first thing that is involved in that process and the engagement. We wanted to make sure we improve in that areas as much as possible and Oracle Content and Experience allowed us to do that. Oracle Content and Experience also allows us to piece together processes that involve documents. With the adoption of cloud, we have driven up our innovation from 20% to 29%."
Andrew McGee
IT Manager
Australian Finance Group
"When reps in the field are working with providers, they need lightning fast access to information. Oracle Process Cloud Service can automate the whole process, which speeds up turnaround time and gives us a repeatable and consistent approval process. Oracle Content and Experience will further expedite the process by letting product providers and sales reps share supporting documents such as order forms and invoices, tied to Oracle Sales Cloud."
Charles Boyle
Senior IT Director
Pride Mobility
"We chose Oracle Content and Experience over Dropbox, Google and because of its intuitive interface and document-conversation capabilities, enabling us to easily and securely share documents with internal and external users in just minutes instead of taking hours to set up a traditional collaborative folder. Users can also access critical project information anywhere via desktop, tablets and mobiles, increasing business productivity."
Volker Schaberg
General Manager
TEAM Informatics Pty Ltd.
"We needed to be more responsive to customer needs. People were working on spreadsheets, multiple folks on phone or emailing, just not communicating effectively. With Oracle Content and Experience and Process Cloud Service working with our on-premise ERP the real benefit is time to market and that for the first time we are able to expose our internal system to our customers."
Steve Dowey
Technology Director
Sutton Tools
"Using Oracle Process Cloud Service and Oracle Content and Experience, we were able to automate a lot of our manual and time consuming processes, which allowed us to ultimately improve time to service, deliver more accurate & timely information and improve customer engagement."
Brent Seaman
Vice President, Cloud Solutions
Mythics, Inc.
"A cloud based approach allows us to consume services and scale as we need them and exponentially. Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is a massive paper factory. So, Oracle Content and Experience fixes our digital strategy. Oracle Content and Experience also allows to keep our documents in one place that are secure centrally and can be easily accessed by us and our government partners."
Iain Patterson
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
"The Oracle Cloud has enabled us to better connect many facets of our business and expand our use of technology. We are now able to seamlessly integrate our web experience management solution with our cloud-based document storage solution. Additionally, we are able to expand the solution footprint by connecting third-party applications through a RESTful API. We have always utilized Oracle products to improve our customer’s businesses, and now we have modernized our own business with Oracle Cloud."
John Klein
Redstone Content Solutions, United States
"Oracle Content and Experience has reduced the time required to compile more than 4,000 documents by 25%, enabling us to improve our processes and secure all corporate documents without steep learning curve for employees or clients."
Carles Biosca
Lead Oracle Technician
"We set up Oracle Content and Experience for 10 users within 1 hour. The solution increased the efficiency of managing and sharing documentation by 80%, boosted collaboration and satisfaction, and enhanced security when sharing documents, ensuring sensitive tax revenue data does not end up in the wrong hands."
David Du Toit
Chief Operations Officer
TATIS International (Pty) Ltd
"Today the cloud is not an option, it's a necessity. To compete and win you need cost control, operational control and flexibility - in other words, you need the cloud, but a cloud that can guarantee security and who better than Oracle can offer that guarantee? Choosing the cloud was a natural step for us; the distributed nature of our business made it an obvious move."
Ramy Berbesh
Ringo Mobile
"We considered EMC, OpenText, Alfresco, and Google, but opted for Oracle Content and Experience, integrating it with Business Intelligence because it best enables us to boost our company’s efficiency and to offer an indispensable added-value platform to our clients."
Eduard Romay
Accounts Director
The Workshop
"As a start-up organization, we were looking to create an online portal and talent management ecosystem where the artist community could collaborate in a safe environment to help youth aspiring to careers in media and entertainment. I did extensive research on cloud solutions and had the pre-conceived notion that Oracle was only for large enterprises. I learned that this was not at all the case. My Oracle representative was sensitive to the needs of a small business and my budget constraints, and approached the deal as a partner and facilitator. Oracle's Accelerated Buying Experience made the process even easier-with simplified documents and transaction processes. With Oracle Content and Experience, I got a world-class solution on a modest budget and will help ensure the quality and security that are imperative to my business."
Charlene Sullivan
Founder, Owner, CEO, and President
Charlene Sullivan Projects International Inc.
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