Container Engine for Kubernetes

A developer friendly, container-native, and enterprise-ready managed Kubernetes service for running highly available clusters with the control, security, and predictable performance of Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure.

Container Native

Standard and Conformant
Container Engine leverages standard upstream Kubernetes, validated against the CNCF conformance program, ensuring portability across clouds and on-premises.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Integrated
Take full advantage of Container Engine integration into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to create high availability clusters, with load balancer, Persistent Volume Claim, and Persistent Volume native integration.
End-to-End Container Lifecycle Management
Seamlessly build and test container images with Container Pipelines or your own favorite CI/CD tool. Deploy from the Registry, a fully integrated Docker v2 compatible private Container Registry.

Developer Friendly

One-Click Clusters
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console enables rapid cluster creation and management.
Full REST API and CLI allows for cluster management, including cluster creation, scaling, and management.
Built-in Cluster Add-Ons
Clusters are bootstrapped with common developer tooling including the Kubernetes Dashboard, DNS and Helm.
Full Access to Docker based Cluster Nodes
Cluster nodes run the familiar Docker based run time for easy developer tooling, with full access (via SSH) to cluster nodes available.

Highly Reliable

Full Bare Metal Performance
Combine the production-grade container orchestration of Kubernetes, with the control, security, and highly predictable performance of Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure, supporting pure bare metal, VM, or hybrid Kubernetes clusters.
HA Fully Managed Control Plane
Focus on your business and applications without having to worry about maintaining Kubernetes infrastructure. The fully managed control plane is highly-available and resilient, while enabling you to seamlessly update to new Kubernetes versions when they arrive.
Multi-AD/Zone Support
Create clusters that span multiple Availability Domains for resilient Kubernetes deployments and applications.
Self-healing Clusters and Node Pools
Maintain clusters in the face of underlying node failures, create and scale clusters of different underlying node configurations.
Team Based Access Controls
Control team access and permissions to clusters using native Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management, and Kubernetes RBAC.
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Call us now
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