Build–Deploy–Operate Containers

On the only fully integrated, open, and enterprise-grade container-native platform.


Develop and deploy applications on a standards-based, cloud-neutral platform to avoid cloud lock-in


Leverage an intuitive, complete container lifecycle management toolchain or easily swap in preferred components


Run on bare metal, VM or a combination, all with the security, performance, and control of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


Oracle Container Native Application Development Platform

Oracle's Container Native Platform is designed for DevOps teams to build, deploy, and operate container-based microservices and serverless applications using open source tools. It is an end-to-end container lifecycle management suite, including a managed Kubernetes service for creating and managing clusters, a private registry for storing and sharing container images, and a fully integrated CI/CD service to automate and manage deployments, all powered by enterprise-grade cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle Container Pipelines

An elegant, flexible, and programmatic container lifecycle management solution for CI/CD with a streamlined interface that delivers repeatable releases for faster time to market.

Oracle Container Registry

A highly available private container registry service for storing and sharing container images across multiple deployments. As an integrated platform offering, the service delivers low-latency automatic image layer duplication across repositories within an organization. Users can also use standalone with the Docker CLI.

Oracle Container Engine

A developer friendly, container-native, and enterprise-ready managed Kubernetes service for running highly available clusters with the control, security, and predictable performance of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Get the latest Kubernetes updates and keep pace and compatibility with the CNCF ecosystem without the management and administrative overhead, all integrated with your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy.
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