Elastic Compute Capacity to Address Growing Business Needs
Your own virtual machine instances, rapid self-service provisioning, and complete flexibility
  • Easy
    Spin up virtual machines in minutes
  • Secure
    Enterprise-level security to support business-critical applications
  • Enterprise-Grade
    High-availability and predictable performance
  • Configurable
    Define orchestrations, leverage chef recipes and cookbooks
Elastic Compute
Virtual Machines
Launch virtual machine instances of various shapes using a variety of images
Block Storage
Associate storage volumes to compute instances
High Availability
Define orchestrations to monitor instance and re-start on another compute node on health failures
Flexible Configuration
Lifecycle Management
Use orchestrations to define lifecycle management operations on virtual machine instances
Elastic IP
Fixed IP address associated with compute service account to avoid DNS propagation delays
Automated VM Configuration
Automated package installation via yum and Chef infrastructure framework
Secure Infrastructure
Security List
Lightweight, flexible, distributed firewall that can isolate groups of instances to only allow permitted communications
Security Rule
Define what IP addresses or security lists are permitted or denied access to specified security applications
Virtual Private Network
Initiate VPN connection to specified VPN server from customer site using VPN client
Robust Monitoring
Virtual Machine Usage
View metrics related to virtual machines
Network Traffic
View metrics related to network traffic
Block Storage Usage
View metrics related to block storage
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