Supply Chain Optimization

Oracle's Supply Chain Optimization solution for the telco industry enables CSPs to reduce operating costs by moving to the cloud and reducing the number of supply chain systems by modernizing and transforming their supply chain processes. This is underpinning the business transformation that is required to meet the tsunami of changes facing the communications industry.
Develop New and Better Relationships with Trading Partners
Onboarding new partners with extensive supplier qualification and improving supplier negotiation is a high priority for every CSP in order to negotiate excellent, enforceable contracts. Having the telco consumer goods at the right time, at a competitive price, is of critical importance.
Bi-Directional End-to-End Supply Chain Collaboration
Use Supply Chain Collaboration and Visibility Cloud to detect, analyze, and resolve disruptions within your enterprise and your key trading partners. Respond faster to supply or demand exceptions and identify potential future component shortages and negotiate with suppliers to reduce their impact. Collaborate on the order forecasts with your store managers and franchise partners. Share the order forecasts with your suppliers to review their changes and impact.
Omni-Channel Order to Fulfillment with Open Interfaces
Manage orders from all your sales channels (direct as well as indirect) to get a single view of your customers and dealers on their physical deliveries. With the end-to-end capability and visibility, you manage, automate, and monitor the process for all your orders and get updates on orders, inventory, shipments, planned supply, and invoices. Improve the quality of decisions through in-context analytics.

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DATA SHEET: Supply Chain Optimization

Oracle's Supply Chain Optimization Solution for the communications industry delivers innovative and modern procurement and supply chain in the cloud. With capabilities that include product innovation, strategic material sourcing, outsourced maintenance, integrated logistics, omni-channel fulfillment, and integrated demand and supply planning, Oracle SCM Cloud allows you to deploy functionality incrementally, with minimal risk, lower cost, and maximum flexibility—all with the benefit of ongoing functional innovation.

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