Transformative Customer Engagement

Live Experience Cloud is a mobile-first customer experience platform that helps you deliver transformative customer engagements. In-app, real-time interaction channels help you engage customers at key moments of their individual journey and deliver proactive, seamless, and meaningful experiences. Companies can increase loyalty, retention, and customer satisfaction.
Digital Engagement Channels
Deliver contextual experiences via digital voice, video, screen sharing, and drawing/annotating—seamlessly transitioning between and from virtual assistants for modernized experiences.
Customer Context and Engagement Scenarios
Capture customer web and mobile context to support action and decisions within the process and proactively engage customers at key moments of their journey. Design personalized engagement scenarios based on context, history, and business priorities.
Modern Associate Collaboration Tools
Provide web-based desktop experiences for associates with shared inboxes, queues, and customer insight views for modern service teams, including the ability to plug in associate tools to existing help desks or other applications in use today.
Intelligent Routing Using Customer Context
Leverage routing for digital channels with flexible rules-driven customer context. Self-service configuration of routing decisions based on customer history, associate skills, and priority assignment.
100% Self-Service Driven and Optimized for Real-Time Communications
Easily add modern engagement capabilities via simple web app interfaces. Customize and control experiences without dependency on external services. Elastic network, compute, and storage resources are optimized at all layers. End-to-end connection quality, deterministic network path, and network security.
Live Experience Cloud Entry -

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$40.00 USD / month per hosted named user1
  • Web SDK
  • Android Customer Experience SDK
  • iOS Customer Experience SDK
  • Web Associate Experience
  • Overview Dashboards
  • Basic Routing
  • Engagement Scenarios
  • Self-Service Interfaces: Application Provisioning, Security Configuration, User Management
Live Experience Cloud Enterprise
$125.00 USD / month per hosted named user2
  • All Features of Entry
  • Intelligent Routing and Queue Management
  • Engagement History
  • Engagement Reports and Insights
Live Experience Cloud Enterprise Plus
$150.00 USD / month per hosted named user2
  • All Features of Enterprise
  • Recording of Voice, Video, Screen Sharing
  • Recording Search and Playback
  • CRM Integration
  • Media Analytics Integration, Transcription
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  1. Maximum of 10 users. Other metrics available.
  2. Minimum of 10 users. Other metrics available.

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Solution Brief: Oracle Live Experience Cloud

Modernize customer engagement using holistic customer context and in-application communications to drive experiences that are proactive, seamless, and meaningful.

Infographic: Modernize Your Customer Engagements

Enterprise customers prefer to engage with companies using digital channels, and businesses are responding. Despite signs of progress, many companies require further technology and strategic investments.

Ebook: Customer Engagement for the Mobile Generation

Deliver personal, proactive, rich in-app experiences in the cloud. Boost customer satisfaction and accelerate business results with Oracle Live Experience Cloud, the only customer experience platform designed from the ground up for the mobile generation.

Infographic: Modern Experiences for the Connected Customer

Engage the connected consumer with a modern digital experience.

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