Key Features

Data Integrity Checks
Internal integrity checks ensure event data is read-only and any tampering can be detected for your compliance and security needs.
Maintain Traceability
Automatically record API calls made from the console or SDK. Each event can be used to identify the action, actor, target, and outcome.
Accountability at No Cost
All events are stored for up to 365 days, at no additional cost, as part of your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure entitlement.
Visibility into Infrastructure
Support for all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services including Compute, Networking, Block Volumes, and Load Balancing.

Security and Identity Integration

Security by Default
By default, only members of the Administrator group have access to audit events.
Integrated Identity Management
Grant audit access to any group to match your security and operational needs.
Data Safeguards
Only event headers are recorded to avoid information disclosure.
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Call us now
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