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At a high level, the process of migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is virtually the same whether an organization is moving a single application or a complex collection of integrated environments. Every cloud migration requires key steps like assessment, planning, target environment provisioning, and cutover. But the details of each step may vary significantly depending on what type of environment is being migrated.

Let's take a close look at the phases of the cloud migration process and the various options for carrying out each step.

5. Cutover to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The cutover process begins with spot checking and testing to verify that the target cloud environment meets the following criteria:

  • It includes all components chosen for migration.
  • All the required data is in place.
  • All applications work as expected.
  • Network settings and security rules are configured correctly.
  • Identity and access management is set up properly.
  • All connections and integrations are working.

The best time to cutover is during a period when the organization and source environment can tolerate downtime. The amount of downtime required depends largely on the migration tools being used. Some can carry out a cutover in a matter of minutes, while others need hours or an entire day. Manual migrations may require even longer periods of downtime.

After the testing is successfully completed, it's almost time to switch to the new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment. But it may be necessary to re-sync the source environment and target environment one more time to ensure that any data or files that changed during the migration process are brought into Oracle's cloud. After the re-sync is complete, the source environment should be shut down to prevent any more data changes. Once this is done, the migration is complete. DNS server entries should be updated to point to the new environment in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


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