Why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Built for the Enterprise

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has superior performance
Superior Performance
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has low, predictable pricing
Low, Predictable Pricing
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enterprise workload migration
Enterprise Workload Migration

From the world's number one database to business applications, Oracle has a longstanding reputation for providing technologies that empower enterprises to solve demanding business problems. Oracle has built a cloud infrastructure platform that delivers unmatched reliability, scalability, and performance for mission-critical databases, applications, and workloads. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the first cloud built specifically for the enterprise.

Superior Performance

Superior Performance, Consistent Results


Enterprises have long sought a cloud that's optimally tuned to run large, complex production systems. Today, there's finally a cloud that's up to the task. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was built from the ground up to perform better and more consistently than the competition, while costing less at scale. Oracle cloud users don't have to worry about highly variable performance results from day to day, or moment to moment.

With the latest high-end components, support for open standards and multicloud strategies, and an unwavering commitment to protecting sensitive business data, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is perfectly suited to meet the needs—and exceed the expectations—of today's enterprise IT teams. And Oracle backs performance claims with the best service level agreement (SLA) in the business:


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the only major cloud provider with an SLA that covers performance and manageability in addition to uptime requirements.

IOPS Performance - OCI Bare Metal vs AWS i3 Metal


"Our finance and branch teams that use JD Edwards are just ecstatic over the performance."
Clif Lee | Director of Corporate Systems
Simple, Predictable Pricing


"In both those areas (network and storage) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is delivering a significant step change in the price-performance available to our HPC Cloud customers."
Jamil Appa | Co-Founder and Director
Simple, Predictable Pricing


"We were seeing 75% utilization and 60X performance improvements over other cloud providers."
Navindra Yadav | Founder
Cisco Tetration
Predictable Pricing

Predictable Pricing, Lower Costs


Most cloud providers offer low pricing to get started—but those costs tend to grow significantly as the workload scales. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers unrivaled price/performance while eliminating hidden and unpredictable costs related to things like bandwidth, data egress, and storage. That translates to considerable savings for those running business software and high-performance, data-intensive applications like streaming video, scientific research and engineering solutions, and analytics.

Oracle offers an easy-to-understand discount structure and won't confuse you with complicated pricing models tied to individual services. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers the best value for serious workloads, so you can spend less time worrying about the budget and more time solving business problems. Learn more about pricing ❯

IaaS Price Comparison Chart including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform


"I originally made the decision based on operational and security reasons, but I'm pleasantly surprised to hear that we are saving more than one million dollars a year."
Collin Harrison | VP of Finance & Technology
Simple, Predictable Pricing


"Overall, we find that Oracle pricing structures are very simple and transparent, and do not contain any hidden fees or additional surcharges, unlike many other CSPs including AWS or Azure."
AVM Consulting
Simple, Predictable Pricing


"Based on N2N's past bills with AWS and current bill with Oracle - N2N's cost for hosting has been reduced by 40% over the last year."
Kiran Kodithala | Founder and CEO
Simple, Predictable Pricing
Protect Existing Investments

Protect Existing Investments and Build New, Cloud Native Applications


Enterprises have already invested a great deal of time, money, and effort into existing production systems—and rebuilding everything from scratch simply isn't a viable option. That's why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure supports all applications—old and new alike—and minimizes the need for enterprise IT teams to update or redesign legacy software.

If you need help migrating legacy systems to the cloud, the enterprise experts on our support team—or our robust ecosystem of systems integration and managed service provider partners—will be there to assist you every step of the way. Whether your journey to the cloud is complex or simple, gradual or radical, Oracle's unparalleled expertise will ensure a smooth transition with minimal risk and superior results. Once your existing applications and workloads are running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, our modern cloud tools and standards-based, cloud native frameworks will enable you to build out your business’s future.


Learn more about the key steps of a successful cloud migration.

On-site migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
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