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Daniel Pedrozo, IT Project Leader at Vale, discusses how one of the largest mining companies in the world reduced operations and costs by adopting Exadata Cloud at Customer.
Travis Leonardi, CEO, and Kim Jacques, CIO, share how the healthcare leader Sentry Data Systems innovates and saves money for their customers by adopting Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer.
By moving Oracle Database workloads to Oracle Cloud at Customer, AT&T gains all of the benefits of the cloud behind their firewall, fully managed by Oracle. As a result, AT&T can free up resources to focus on technology, media and telecommunications.
Steven Chang, CIO of Kingold, speaks about moving their application workloads running Linux to Oracle Cloud at Customer, moving their database workload to Exadata Cloud at Customer, and building their analytics platform to Big Data Cloud at Customer.

Press Releases

JTB Corporation Adopts Oracle Cloud for Its International Travel Processing System Infrastructure

  • "Flexibly scalable infrastructure is indispensable. We cannot compromise on security requirements such as handling of sensitive data. Oracle Cloud at Customer (IaaS) has enabled us to strengthen security and performance while using the cloud service at a flat rate, regardless of seasonal fluctuations to run a system in a cost-efficient manner. We look forward to Oracle’s cloud technologies’ excellent performance and security in addition to its track record of use with databases.”
  • Kenichi Yajima, Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy, JTB

AT&T Taps Oracle Cloud Services In 'Historic' Agreement

  • "This collaboration with Oracle accelerates our network transformation and migration to the cloud to expand efficiency, performance, and reduce cost while improving overall customer service.”
  • John Donovan, Chief Strategy Officer and Group President of AT&T Technology and Operations
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