Oracle CASB Cloud Service Customer Successes

"We chose Oracle CASB Cloud Service and Oracle Advanced Security to minimize risk exposure and gain transparency, high visibility and control. This allowed us to stay a step ahead of threats while enforcing our cloud environment security configurations and EU GDPR compliance with minimum performance impact."
Dimosthenis Nikolopoulos
IT Operations & Program Management Director
WIND Hellas
"As part of our business expansion, we were acquiring an increasing amount of group companies. To integrate the systems, we built a system that could immediately be deployed globally. We chose Oracle Identity Cloud Service and Oracle CASB Cloud Service to enhance security and monitor user activity."
Kinji Manabu
General Manager, Business Management
Outsourcing Inc.
UBI Banca Chooses Oracle Security Cloud
UBI Banca embraces digital innovation, while addressing GDPR requirements from EU, and tells how cloud offers great opportunities for security.
Marlette Funding Gains Threat Visibility with Oracle CASB
Marlette Funding gains complete threat visibility and ensures security and compliance of their cloud footprint with Oracle Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB).
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