Customer Successes

"As a startup company, we had to deal with scarce resources while building our trusted market reputation. Thanks to Oracle Blockchain Platform, we not only built a revolutionary blockchain business model, but also have the confidence of potential alliance partners that MTO Global is a trusted business partner."
Sungjin Kang
Senior Managing Director
MTO Global Co., Ltd.
"Healthcare infrastructures rely on siloed data, with each institution keeping independent records of the same information. Oracle Blockchain Platform enables our HealthSync Platform to aggregate data in a distributed ledger, giving providers a secure, single source of truth for better decision making."
Moses Rajan
HealthSync Inc.
"To develop and run our blockchain data platform application, we chose Hyperledger-based Oracle Blockchain Platform. It beats competitors in both performance and cost effectiveness. We will continue to use it as a core development and testing cloud environment for the next advanced platforms."
KyuTae Park
Finotek Co., Ltd.
"Oracle Blockchain Platform provided us with a great business opportunity—it enables us to provide transactional services with guarantees to our clients, notifying them of every stage of the process with complete security and transparency—which is a very attractive prospect for businesses requiring electronic invoicing services."
Chema Mínguez Gutiérrez
Transactional Services Manager
"Oracle delivers an enterprise-grade blockchain platform with high resiliency, scalability, and security. The built-in features, such as identity management and data encryption, made it an ideal choice given our industry requirements and compliance needs."
Ayman Qadoumi
Deputy General Manager, Information Technology and Security
Arab Jordan Investment Bank (AJIB)
"We are leveraging blockchain to simplify complex shipping documentation processes and improve customers' operational efficiency by building a collaborative network. Oracle Blockchain Platform enables a shorter application delivery lead time with 30% productivity gains compared to other solutions."
Steve Siu
CargoSmart Limited
"With Oracle PaaS and Oracle IaaS, we offer our leading compliance applications at far more affordable prices than we do with comparable on-premises solutions. We now also reach small- and medium-sized businesses, which previously struggled with cost and capacity. Oracle Cloud opens up enormous growth opportunities and a new chapter in our successful corporate development."
Hans-Gerhard Lang
Global Sales & Alliances
iPoint-systems gmbh
"Oracle Blockchain Platform is a natural fit for the invoice factoring industry. It enables us to streamline previously fragmented data from disparate systems to a single source of truth that can be trusted by all parties involved. Risk mitigation in factoring is paramount, and Oracle delivers the necessary security and helps settle transactions in near real-time."
Nikolaos Vasilonikolidakis
Neurosoft S.A.
"We bring transparency to the supply chain for consumer electronics and electric vehicles manufacturers. Oracle Blockchain Platform enables us to transparently record and share the source of all raw materials using distributed ledger, which prevents unethically sourced minerals from passing through the supply chain. This will also cut costs for miners who currently shoulder this compliance cost in our industry."
Douglas Johnson-Poensgen
"The financial services industry is under pressure to innovate faster than ever while continuing to run efficiently and securely. We chose Oracle Blockchain Platform because of the many benefits it can provide to our clients. Oracle Blockchain Platform delivers high-performance, trusted data, and security right of out the box—and can be quickly integrated with existing applications."
Hanna Zubko
CEO, Co-Founder
IntellectEU Inc.
"With Oracle Blockchain solutions, we can track materials and ingredients from our suppliers and analyze sensor data from the production process. Oracle Blockchain Platform tracks where we are getting the highest quality hops, malt, and yeast, and enables us to create a strong narrative around our products."
Kyle Bozicevic
Owner and Brewer
Alpha Acid Brewing Company, LLC
"We believe that buyers and growers deserve a world in which authenticity and quality are not only valued but verified. Managing traceability with blockchain technology is the logical progression of the whole traceability process for our Bellucci Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We are using Oracle Blockchain to track shipments of our EVOO from our bottling facility in Italy to the port of arrival in the US. Oracle Blockchain Platform easily integrates with our partners' systems, and we can create smart contracts between supply and distribution actors, thus reducing operational costs."
Andrea Biagianti
Chief Information Officer
Certified Origins Italia Srl
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