Optimized Performance

Direct Attached Disk
Hadoop nodes are configured on dedicated infrastructure, with higher performance networking and dedicated disk.
Pre-Optimized Configurations
Always get the latest components and platform settings for the highest cluster performance.

Simplified Operations

Single Click Security
Provision secure clusters (Hadoop and Spark) with a single click.
Highly Available Secure Infrastructure
One-click Security configures – where supported by Cloudera – all components in HA mode.
Full Stack Updates
Software Updates included the entire stack: OS, Java and Hadoop + Spark.
Always Highly Available
All clusters are default HA, enabling all workloads to be run in production ready clusters.

Open Platform

Third Party Software
Install, configure and leverage Big Data Cloud Machine by directly installing 3rd party software on the system.
Dedicated Edge Nodes
Edge Nodes are configured on the high-speed InfiniBand network for massive throughput.
Leverage Innovation
Extend your analytics tooling with the latest in innovative Open Source components.

Comprehensive Stack

Big Data Connectors
  • Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop - Develop models using R that run in parallel on Hadoop, and accelerated using Spark
  • Oracle Data Integrator – Transform and enrich data within your big data clusters
  • Oracle SQL Connector for Hadoop and Oracle Loader for Hadoop – Integrate data in online or offline modes
Big Data Spatial and Graph
Process and enrich geospatial data and leverage sophisticated and high-performance graph analytics using Oracle's advanced capabilities for spatial analysis and graph analysis.
Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop
Develop models using R that run in parallel on Hadoop, and accelerated using Spark.
Leading Hadoop Distribution
Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub included with the subscription to the system.
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1-800-633-0738 (United States)

Call us now
1-800-633-0738 (United States)

Technical Support

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Live Cloud Chat
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