Import and Ingest
Import and ingestion of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured content from various sources
Cleanse and Normalize
Cleansing data such as removing non-essential characters, normalizing dates and phone numbers
Repair and Standardize
Identifying and fixing where possible inconsistencies in the data
Identify Duplicates
Powerful statistical similarity engine identifies duplicates in data


Authoring process is assisted by statistical analysis of numerical data and frequency and term analysis of text data
Classify and Extract
Identifying categories in the data and identify characteristics of the data in terms of attributes, properties, schemata
Augment and Enrich
Knowledge based enrichments based on discovered relationships
Discover Metadata
Schema detection identifies the schema/metadata that is explicitly or implicitly defined in headers, fields, tags, and other information

Govern and Publish

Interactive dashboard provides a unified timeline of all processed datasets with associated metrics with drill-down capabilities for detailed auditing and analysis
Continuous pipeline execution support via scheduling service
Publishing Flexibility
Various cloud targets and publishing formats provide maximum flexibility

Intuitive Authoring

Machine Learning driven recommendations provide a highly intuitive and interactive user experience, guiding users thru every step in the authoring process
Interactive visualizations provide users with real-time previews of profile metrics and transformations on their datasets
Business User Friendly
Script free environment combined with videos and tutorials for ease of use
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