Smart Connected Warehouse

Consumer demand volatility, human errors, and market competition are constantly putting pressure on your environment to improve efficiencies, quality, and safety. Oracle provides a modern platform to collaboratively manage and improve your warehouses' operations by connecting equipment, quality sensors, and workers to the warehouses process. Oracle's Smart Connected Warehouse helps to better predict maintenance and quality issues, reduce downtime, improve inventory, space optimization, and product traceability, and gives a 360-degree view of operations.
Cost-Effective Supply Chain Management Systems
Support warehouse locations, distribution centers, in-store locations, efulfillment centers, outlets, depots, liquidation centers, service centers, and everywhere in between with Oracle's Smart Connected Warehouse.
Total Inventory Management from a Single Integrated Solution
Improve inbound and outbound planning and execution with easy access to system-wide data and value-added services.
Real-Time Visibility into Storefront and Backroom Inventory
Get notifications when each in-store SKU needs to be replenished based on inventory levels with Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud. True SKU visibility across the entire network of stores allows retailers to fulfill orders from anywhere based on end-client preferences.

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EBOOK: Login to the New Fulfllment Economy with Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud

According to The New York Times, manufacturing has not driven the US economy since 1953. That was the year of manufacturing's zenith—when it represented 28 percent of GDP and employed 16 million people. However, over the half-century that followed, the US economy transitioned toward services. Today, half of US GDP is service oriented, and according to Fortune, 8.5 percent of US GDP is directly related to a $1.3 trillion dollar logistics industry that continues to grow
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