Lead-to-Cash for the Digital Age

Oracle's Lead-to-Cash for the Digital Age solution provides the foundation for an omnichannel customer experience and gives your company the flexibility to support new revenue models such as offering products as a service.
Produce More Revenue
Enable marketing and sales to engage customers earlier and sell smarter while better managing the sales force through insights into pipeline and performance.
Get Full Visibility into Order Creation, Fulfillment, and Delivery
Provide business users a single order management hub that bridges business systems in order to reduce lead times and fulfillment errors, lower costs, and increase customer satisfaction.
Enable New Business Models
Quickly adapt to evolving market demands and new monetization opportunities to sell cloud-based services or any product delivered as a service.

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DATA SHEET: Lead-to-Cash for the Digital Age

High technology and industrial manufacturers are undergoing a transformation to meet the requirements of the digital age. Market forces are driving companies to find new and creative ways to engage customers earlier in the sales cycle while ensuring that order orchestration and execution is a seamless process across business systems.

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