Digital Service and Monetization

Most discrete manufacturing companies are on a path toward offering subscription-based consumption models. Oracle's Digital Service and Monetization solution helps these companies offer a spectrum of new business models ranging from subscriptions for consumables and services, to products as a service.
Increase Revenues
Oracle's Digital Service and Monetization solution increases revenue through predictable subscription and usage-based revenues, a greater share of high-margin spares (by preventing gray-market leakage), and overall increased customer loyalty and stickiness with superior uptime and quality.
Reduce Costs
Automated chatbots help reduce costs by delivering services and handling basic tasks without live agent escalation, and providing a faster time to market with in-service product performance feedback and social listening.

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DATA SHEET: Lead-to-Cash for the Digital Age

High technology and industrial manufacturers are undergoing a transformation to meet the requirements of the digital age. Market forces are driving companies to find new and creative ways to engage customers earlier in the sales cycle while ensuring that order orchestration and execution is a seamless process across business systems.

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