Browser Performance

End User Experience
Understand the actual end user experience for your web application
AJAX Performance
AJAX performance from the users perspective and in context to the overall page performance

Application Performance

Application Request Performance
Application performance down to the operation and method level
Transaction Performance
Automatically discover and link application requests across servers
Tier Performance
Analyze application workload performance across application servers, databases, and external application servers
Request Instances
Pinpoint performance problems at the code level with intelligently collected application transaction instances

Application Logs

Integrated Log Analytics
Enjoy ease-of-use with one tool to view application logs and application performance
Contextual Log Analytics
See the related application server, database, and external application server logs in the context of actual workload

Application Resource Performance

Application Server Resource Metrics
Application infrastructure performance in context to application workload
Resource Usage
Analyze in your production environment the application workloads that drive application server resource
Stuck Threads
Identify stuck threads that can lead to serious issues
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