What is the API Catalog Cloud Service?

Oracle API Catalog Cloud Service is a collection of REST APIs that are exposed by Oracle's most popular Cloud offerings. Browse the APIs, try out different API operations, and download their machine-readable Open API (formerly Swagger) descriptions. You can use these descriptions to generate code stubs, thus facilitating integration between your applications and others in the Oracle Public Cloud.

If you have an Oracle Cloud account, you can even add your own APIs to your private space in the API Catalog, then browse and try them out just as you would with Oracle public APIs.

How do I access the Catalog?

You can find the API Catalog here: https://apicatalog.oraclecloud.com

What cloud services are pre-requisites for API Catalog Cloud Service?

There are no pre-requisites for the API Catalog Cloud Service. You don’t even have to subscribe to it.

How much does API Catalog Cloud Service cost?

The API Catalog Cloud Service is free.

What’s in it?

The Oracle API Catalog Cloud Service contains Open API (formerly Swagger) descriptions of the public REST APIs for Oracle's cloud services. It exposes four API resources:
  • Organizations - Lists the organizations included in the Catalog.
  • Categories - Provides a hierarchical view of an organization's APIs.
  • Collections - Provides a flat view of an organization's APIs matching a given filter condition.
  • Search – Finds APIs that contain a given word or phrase in their description.

Why would I use the Catalog instead of reading the REST API references on the Oracle Help Center?

The API Catalog provides machine-readable definitions for public APIs--as well as several Oracle REST APIs--and enables you try out a REST API’s operations . The references on Oracle Help Center describe the Oracle REST APIs in plain language. The two resources are meant to be used together.

Where can I find out more?

The API Catalog Cloud Service documentation tells you everything you need to know.

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