Achieve Operational Excellence Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Gain Actionable Insights into Operational Inefficiencies

Analyze key patterns and correlations that are related to manufacturing operations.

Proactively Address Potential Risks

Predict the probability of critical events and take proactive measures to address them.

Perform Rapid Root Cause Analysis

Trace manpower, machine, material, method, and management related information.

Assess and Mitigate Business Impact

Identify impacted products, processes, suppliers, and customers and take actions to mitigate risks.


The Digital Future of Manufacturing
The smart connected factory is all about changing the ways that humans and machines interact and learn from one another—so that both can do more.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution – A Primer for Manufacturers
The digital and physical worlds are converging, spawning innovation like never before, allowing and causing the speed of change to accelerate in both consumer requirements and in the creation of new markets, demanding new manufacturing capabilities.
Spotlight on AI Apps for Manufacturing
Watch Cliff Godwin, Oracle SVP, Applications Development discuss top level messages and product themes for AI Apps for Manufacturing.
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