Adaptive Intelligent Apps

Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps Transform Business Across CX, ERP, HCM, and Manufacturing With Connected Intelligence


Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps (Oracle AI Apps) provide a suite of prebuilt AI and data-driven capabilities for the entire enterprise across Customer Experience (CX), Human Capital Management (HCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Manufacturing.
Oracle AI Apps transform business with smart business outcomes to deliver better results. These include recommended sales actions, intelligent supplier categorization, smart candidate lists, and personalized product recommendations.
Regardless of role, Oracle AI Apps help businesses work smarter, operate smarter, and engage smarter with their partners, suppliers, customers, and employees. Recruiters will source more efficiently and recruit top candidates with the highest likelihood of success in a given role. Sales reps will close more business with smart "win probability scores" that identify pipeline risks for improved forecast accuracy. Procurement managers will negotiate optimal supplier payment terms to capture savings and optimize working capital.

Connected Intelligence Delivers Strategic Business Results

Uniquely, Oracle AI Apps autonomously connect and coordinate smart outcomes, data, and derived data insights across all major business functions, platforms, and channels. This connected intelligence provides in-the-moment context and understanding for better business decision-making, higher productivity, and improved results. For example, across Oracle AI Apps for CX, smart outputs from marketing orchestration processes can become smart inputs to lead optimization processes. Future use cases will use ERP financial and project management data to feed Oracle AI Apps for HCM to intelligently source and model the best project teams to meet business goals.
CHRO: The People
Hire and Engage Smarter
Acquire, retain, and grow a world-class workforce. Respond to business needs by sourcing the best talent quickly and efficiently.
CFO: The Bottom Line
Automate and Operate Smarter
Minimize financial risk; maintain credit rating and access to capital. 
Lead procurement while managing spend and contract compliance.
CRO: The Top Line
Sell Smarter
Maintain an effective and efficient sales force. Exceed revenue goals.
CMO: The Process
Engage Smarter
Engage, acquire, and retain new customers. 
Generate sales through successful marketing and lead generation.

Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps

Oracle AI Apps for CX is a suite of AI and data-driven features that helps marketing, sales, and service professionals engage smarter, sell smarter, and serve smarter across their functions. Oracle AI Apps for CX continuously and autonomously learns and adapts to changing customer patterns and preferences. Through adaption, it optimizes marketing and sales programs to better resonate with customers, increase conversion, and close more business. Not a black box, Oracle AI Apps provide in-the-moment insights into the performance of AI and data-driven recommendations and actions. Oracle AI Apps for CX enable users to adjust, boost, and bury them (products, channels, etc.) with supervisory controls.
Oracle AI Apps for ERP is a suite of AI and data-driven features that helps finance and procurement professionals automate smarter, operate smarter, and influence smarter. Oracle AI Apps for ERP helps increase agility and efficiency across payables and procurement—extending to receivables and inventory in the future—with smarter, optimized business processes. Smart automation and optimization free up resources so that the office of the CFO can focus on more strategic initiatives.
Future features of this suite will intelligently automate repetitive and mundane tasks, such as approvals, driving greater efficiencies and reducing the cost of human error, single points of failure, and information latency.
Oracle AI Apps for Manufacturing helps production managers and quality control executives gain deep insights into manufacturing operations with machine learning and other data science models that analyze operational technology (OT) data contextualized with information technology (IT) data.

Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps for HCM

Oracle AI Apps for HCM is a suite of AI and data-driven features that helps HR professionals and employees hire smarter, work smarter, engage smarter, and adapt smarter. Recruiters benefit from in-line AI and data-driven candidate recommendations that reduce time-to-fill and cost-to-hire. Oracle AI Apps for HCM can help recruiters source the best candidates with optimal skill sets to improve retention and achieve business goals. Future use cases will maximize employee engagement with AI-generated guided advice for optimal employee onboarding, immediate productivity, and on-going career growth.


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