Deliver Agile Accounting

Support Dynamic Enterprise
Quickly create accounting subledgers for disparate and disconnected transactional and general ledger systems.
Utilize Flexible Accounting Rules
Easily adapt accounting rules so transactions comply with accounting policy changes.
Feed Any General Ledger
Export accounting entries into any of the supported Oracle general ledger formats.
Support Evolving Reporting Requirements
Expand analysis by adding supporting reference dimensions as business requirements evolve.

Maintain Control

Apply Accounting Policies Consistently
Centralize accounting rules for your subledgers to ensure accounting policies are consistently applied.
Eliminate Errors with Touchless Processing
Automatically transform, account, and post to the general ledger, and review and fix errors in Accounting Hub.
Secure the Accounting Process
Control the setup, accounting, and posting of journal entries with security rules.
Enhance Audit and Reconciliation
Enhance auditability with centralized accounting, and streamline reconciliations with supporting references that tie to source systems.

Ensure Complete Insight

Bring Together Accounting
Deliver complete insight by bringing together accounting for disparate systems into a centrally-accessible source of truth.
Fully Analyze Business Results
Utilize real-time, multi-dimensional reporting in your Financials Cloud implementation to fully analyze business results.
Extend Analysis Across the Enterprise
Gain keen business insight by using supporting references to analyze results by multiple dimensions.
Access Transaction Details
Drill down to subledger details for quick access to supporting information.
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Call us now
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