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Use Oracle Integration to automate processes, integrate applications and data, build custom web and mobile applications, analyze metrics, and monitor real-time data streams. All in one place.
Streamline your business processes and automate them in the cloud.
Create web and mobile business applications quickly and easily using Visual Builder in Oracle Integration.
Connect the applications and data that drive your business to build a foundation that’s more efficient, more effective, and more productive.
See a demonstration of Oracle Integration's Recommend feature.

Create Integrations

Use integrations to connect your cloud, on-premises, and SaaS applications in Oracle Integration.
Create a new connection for integrations in Oracle Integration.
Create a new integration with Oracle Integration.
Create an integration with Oracle RightNow as the trigger (source) and Oracle Sales Cloud as the invoke (target), then map the data to be shared between them.
Map data between a source and a target in an integration in Oracle Integration.
Monitor integrations and connections using the dashboard in Oracle Integration.
Orchestrate data from a secure FTP endpoint to ERP Cloud by using the orchestration pattern in Oracle Integration.
Create lookup tables to map static values between different applications in Oracle Integration.
Group integrations so that they can be conveniently imported into and exported from Oracle Integration.

Build Process Applications

Make fast and effective decisions by creating a decision model for a business process application and implementing it in Oracle Integration.
Create and customize a process application by starting with a ready-to-use QuickStart App in Oracle Integration.
Create a QuickStart master that others can use to quickly build a process application in Oracle Integration.
Create web forms for the human tasks and start events in your business processes in Oracle Integration.
Integrate process user interface components into external applications so users can initiate and work on tasks within the context of their primary focus.
Discover the elements used to automate a business process, and learn how to build a process flow, define properties, and test and activate the process application in Oracle Integration.

Develop Web and Mobile Applications

Create a visual web or mobile application in Oracle Integration.
Build mobile applications using Visual Builder in Oracle Integration.
Add business logic and SaaS services to a web application using Visual Builder in Oracle Integration.
Initiate complex processes and control them from rich user interfaces by integrating processes and web applications in Oracle Integration.
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